Booya Cacao is a different kind of chocolate.  Actually it is not chocolate at all....using only pure ingredients our formula maximizes the BOOYA taste sensation and health benefits of Cacao, the healthy and antioxident ingredient of chocolate.  Made on an artisan scale from hand picked beans, distributed through local food systems, and with a mission to strive for zero emission trade by using, sail, bike and animal powered transportation, Booya Cacao brings sustainable cacao to its customers in the Cumberland Green Bioregion and beyond. 

A Beautifully absurd dream:

To have our chocolate and eat it too

Cacao in a Jar

  1. -Simple

  2. -Healthy

  3. -No Waste

  4. -No gimmicks

Agroforestry: Conservation.Sequestration

  1. -Fair Trade

  2. -Organic

  3. -No bull



Theobroma cacao: Varieties: Indio de Salvador and Criollo de Nicaragua