Coconut oil is one of the healthiest of most sustainable oils on the planet, It also gives our chocolate an amazingly smooth taste

Our cacao is shade grown, Certified organic and Certified Fair trade.  It comes from the Cacaonica cooperative in Nicaragua with whom we are working to add value by creating sample batches of different cacao varieties

Three ingredients all capable of being produced in the same diverse agroforestry system

Our criteria

Our Ingredients

Our promise

All processing and transportation needed to make our chocolate can be done using low impact, appropriate technology


Coconut Oil

Cane Sugar

Sugar can can be a part of the same functioning ecosystem that produces Cacao and Coconut.  Unprocessed cane sugar is nutritive and delicious

We wont stop here.  We will go beyond Fair Trade, Beyond Organic, and create chocolate that is regenerative.  We work with the cooperatives we buy from to share skills.  We are also fully aware that the certifications we have are only as good as the individuals and organizations that are stewarding the ecosystems and cultures along the way.  We are striving to build a carbon negative sail transportation network, agroforestry systems linked together in corridors of diversity to buffer conservation zones, and create value added micro enterprise in Latin American, AND North American communities.  Booyacacao is not just a is a is our passion.